leadIn striving to be a great company we lead the way, we are innovative, growing our brand and developing our business and people in an open manner, driving sustainable results with honesty, integrity and a high regard for quality.


We CareWe care about our people, the environment and our stakeholders and try to make good things happen while always demonstrating respect, encouraging inclusivity and engagement and valuing diversity.


ResponsiblityWe act responsibly in all aspects of our business and as managers and employees we hold ourselves individually and collectively accountable for our actions and performance.


Haji Hamidullah Hamidi - Founder
Haji Habibullah Hamidi
Haji Hayatullah Zemarai Hamidi - General Director

Welcome to the Website of Hamidi Brothers Group a family group of companies. My father, Haji Hamidullah Hamidi founded Hamidi Stores in 1955in Charikar Business town of Parwan. We subsequently moved our headquarters to Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, and in 2010 we celebrated our 55th anniversary. Today we are one of the largest privately held companies in Afghanistan. Further, the areas of activity of the different Hamidi companies include real estate, Provider of Construction materials, Foodstuffs, Oil products and Grain.

Our core values, which serve as the foundation of all of our areas of activity, are:
⇒ Commitment to Excellence
⇒ Honesty
⇒ Integrity
⇒ Competitive prices
⇒ Respect for the Individual
⇒ Team Work , attentive staff
⇒ High Quality of delivered production
⇒ Flexible payment system

The most important feature of the Hamidi Group of companies is the quality and character of the men and women who comprise our organization. We are very cognizant of the fact that the successes we enjoy today are a function of those who went before us “ but we also believe strongly that a healthy and expanding organization should always have more dreams than memories.


Alhaj Hayatullah "Zemarai" Hamidi
General Director
Hamidi Brothers Group


We are a company committed to exceeding the accepted quality standards in key areas, so that every grain of sugar is as good for you and enjoyable as nature intended...
Made from high quality fats and oils. Has high density, which increases the duration of use. It consists of glycerol, softening skin. It has high detergency, soft foam....
Deformed Bar Product specification: Available Diameter: 6mm40mm Available Length: 5.8m12m Available Material & Standard: BS4449 GR460, ASTM A615,HRB335, HRB400...
Our Group of Companies is one of the largest importer of sawn pine timber from Russia rarely from Ukraine our annually average volume is more than 150,000.00 Cubic Meter....


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